Group & Equipped Study Rooms

Group Study Room, 3rd floor, Library North

Group Study Rooms

There are several rooms on the upper floors of Pollak Library that have been designated as Group Study Rooms. These rooms may be used by groups of two to 16 students for study-related purposes. Each room has a table, chairs, and chalkboard (or white board).

Group Study Rooms are unlocked and available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Chalk and dry erase markers can be checked out from the Circulation Desk.

Floor Room Number Max Occupancy
North 3rd Floor  310 8
North 3rd Floor 313 8
North 3rd Floor 314 8
North 4th Floor 411 8
North 4th Floor 412 8
North 4th Floor 413 8
North 4th Floor 414 8

Equipped Group Study Rooms

Smart Study Room, 1st floor, Library North

There are also several specially equipped Smart Group Study Rooms available on the lower floors of Pollak Library North. These rooms must be booked online.

Graduate Student Success Center

The Graduate Student Success Center is located in PLS 365.

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