Study Areas

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Group Study Space

The 4th floor of Library North -- the Audiovisual & Curriculum Materials Center -- is designated as group study space. Talking and group work is permitted in this area of the Library.

Group Study Rooms are also available for students who need to work collaboratively.

Quiet Study Space

There is a Quiet Study Area on the 3rd floor Library North with seating capacity for 150. The Quiet Study Area is along the north wall. Talking is not allowed in this area. Cell phones must be turned off when entering this area.

Other Study Spaces

Other Study Space: The 1st, 2nd, and 4th floors of Pollak Library North have seating available for individual and group study. Patrons are encouraged to work quietly in these areas. 

Graduate Students have access to the Graduate Student Success Center  located in PLS 365.

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