The Nineties in Baseball: A Look Back

nineties in baseball promo graphic On exhibition January 2018 - March 2018, in the 2nd Floor Terraces .


Renee Jean is an undergraduate at  California State University, Fullerton and will receive her B.A. in History at the end of Spring 2018. 


This exhibition aims to portray the issues and history of baseball during the decade of the 1990s, a turbulent time for Major League Baseball and a triumphant time for CSUF Baseball. One half of the exhibit will go through a timeline of issues such as the Players Strike of 1994, performance enhancing drug use, and the rise of new baseball stars and records while the other half will bring baseball to a local and campus atmosphere where, for the 60th Anniversary of CSUF, the 1995 CSUF College World Series and baseball in Southern California and specifically at CSUF will be celebrated as one of the CSUF's greatest achievements and drawing points as a school.

Filled with signed memoribilia from both the professional and collegiate realm, the exhibit will bring a retrospective look into the stars of the realms and the impact that each had on baseball, laws, and the community today. Topics from Mark Kotsay to Rosenblatt Field to Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa will be covered with a wide array of primary source visuals. The exhibit will aim to connect the school with a major aspect of the wider community as a whole in its defining sport of baseball through collaboration between several departments, student designers, and community members. 

The CSUF community is known nationwide for having an elite baseball program. As the school embarks on its 60th Anniversary celebrations in January, the exhibit will aim to highlight such a program in the context of what was occurring in the professional world of baseball at the time. Students just beginning at CSUF as well as students in their final years will be able to learn of arguably the most proud moment in CSUF baseball history. With CSUF being oftentime synonymous with baseball in the eyes of the local community, this exhibit would provide a look into the reasoning behind the mentality. The community at large will be able to celebrate the school that has brought national pride to its region through an exhibit that shows just how influential this decade was for CSUF sports. 

Most of the independent donors for this exhibit have been community members of Fullerton that have connections to the school which helps in bringing about a stronger community-campus elationship. The majority of items features in the CSUF protion of the exhibit come from alumni and community members that have been lifelong fans of the program. Most of my funding has also come from similar community members like lifelong Fullerton residents. This exhibit from similar community members like lifelong Fullerton residents. This exhibit not only provides a school wide collaboration but one that spans across the entire community of the city. 


The curator wishes to thank Trish Campbell, Exhibit Program Coordinator and Library Marketing student assistants, Lauren Condina and Karen Vazquez, in addition to the library exhibit students Cristina Omidsalar, Emily Pillai, and Mariana Peñaloza for their assistance.

The curator would also like to thank members from both the CSUF and Fullerton community for donating artifacts for display and for sharing their knowledge.

Exhibit Location

On exhibition January 2018 - March 2018, in the 2nd Floor Terraces .