Torah Scrolls: Hebrew Texts from Jewish and Christian Sacred Writings

Torah Scrolls exhibit
Torah Scrolls: Hebrew Texts from Jewish and Christian Sacred Writings will be on display from February 18, 2014 - May 31, 2014 in Pollak Library on the second floor east terrace.

About the Curators

George Giacumakis, Ph.D., is the Director at The Museum of Biblical & Sacred Writings and Trish Campbell, M.A., is the Exhibit Program Coordinator in Pollak Library at CSUF.

About the Exhibit

The Hebrew word Torah refers either to the first five books of the Hebrew Bible (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers & Deuteronomy), or to the Tanakh, the whole of the Hebrew Bible. These Hebrew texts are the Scriptures of both Jewish and Christian sacred writings. Other names for the first five biblical books are "The Five Books of Moses" or "The Pentateuch" (Greek).

Torah Scrolls have been copied by hand down through the centuries of history by Jewish Scribes. Because the scrolls were hand copied and are inscribed on parchment, a Torah Scroll is very expensive to produce or to purchase. Synagogues, churches, educational institutions, museums and individuals have purchased Torah Scrolls for their collections and exhibits. Synagogues must have at least two sets of Torah Scrolls from which to read and teach in their public services, so Torah Scrolls become a most sought after item for the public reading of the Hebrew Scriptures, let alone for the collections of private individuals.

The exhibit includes four Torah Scrolls, and books selected from the collections of Pollak Library, including a Talmud (1724, Tractate Niddah - Babylonian) from the Special Collection/Rare Book holdings.


The curators would like to acknowledge and thank Sharon Perry, Archivist and Special Collections Librarian in Pollak Library, Rabbi Haim Asa of Fullerton, and The Dead Sea Scrolls Foundation for their support.


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