Belief Systems and Religions in Cultural Context

2014 Belief Systems exhibit

St. Peter's Basilica in Rome, public domain image via Wikimedia Commons. Bayon Khmer temple at Angkor in Cambodia, Creative Commons image via Wikimedia Commons, courtesy of Leon PetrosyanThe main gate of Fushimi Inari (Shinto) shrine in Japan, Creative Commons image via Wikimedia Commons, courtesy of Chris Gladis.

Belief Systems is open February 21 through May 31, 2014 and located in the second floor west terrace of Pollak Library. 

About the Curator

Trish Campbell, M.A. is the Exhibit Program Coordinator in Pollak Library at CSUF

Assistant Curators

Raziel Gamboa, Graduate Student in Anthropology, CSUF

Cristina Omidsalar, Undergraduate Student in Art History, CSUF

About the Exhibit

The exhibition is an overview of the world's religious beliefs practiced from monotheistic, polytheistic, atheistic, and agnostic perspectives. It highlights 90 world religions (of over an estimated 4000) through books, posters, pictures and religious artifacts. Some of the belief systems featured include Shamanism, Taoism, Wicca, Shinto, Asatru, Confucianism, and many more. The goal was to demonstrate some of the lesser known religions or religious practices and belief systems of the world in addition to the three most well-known under monotheism: Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

Belief Systems & Religions is a complement to other exhibits displayed in the same area (Unveiling Mystery: Women of Islam and Torah Scrolls: Hebrew Texts from Jewish and Christian Sacred Writings). Artifacts on display include selections from Special/Rare books collection of Pollak Library, including a 1748 Dutch bible, wood block print reproductions dating from 1877, and other more recent reproductions. Bookcases in the exhibit contain selections from Pollak Library's stacks and are available for check out at the Circulation desk.

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Location & Floor Map

Library South Second Floor

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