A.W.E.: Art Wonder Earth

AWE Exhibit
The AWE: Art Wonder Earth exhibit runs from April 23rd to May 29th, 2014, and is located on the Fourth Floor of Library North in the Children's Literature area.

About the Exhibit

Pollak Library's children's literature spring exhibit, A.W.E.: Art Wonder Earth , explores the importance of youth's interaction with the environment and the creativity young people can gather from nature. The exhibit takes place during April--a month strongly connected to environmental protection and advocacy, largely through Earth Day (22nd). The exhibit features sculptures created by candidates of CSUF's Multiple Subject Credential Program, who explored ecological art themes in a lesson plan designated to draw bilingual and elementary students into awareness of local animals and habitats using papier-mâché media. Visitors will have the opportunity to explore the creative inspiration conjured from nature and art as A.W. E. explores ways to connect children with nature.

To commemorate our Earth Month 2014 theme "Returning to Nature," Pollak Library invites you to browse and check out selected children's literature on environmental themes.

For a bibliography of related children's literature and resources, please view the AWE: Art Wonder Earth online guide at  libraryguides.fullerton.edu/awe

AWE exhibit description

About the Curator

Name: Shannon Brayshaw
Major: Art Education Photo of Shannon, AWE exhibit curator
Projected graduation: Fall 2014

Future plans: Pursue multi-subject credentials or single subject art credentials

Interests: I am enthralled with spreading enthusiasm for the arts in youth and using art as a tool to spread awareness and teach. I have a special interest in Eco Art (environmental art)- art that advocates protecting the environment by presenting sustainability ideas and is often created from recycled materials. Victorian era history, outdoor advocacy, gardening, and travel are a few other interests I hold.

Why were you inspired to create the AWE: Art, Wonder, Earth exhibit?:

I am part of CSUF's Honor's Program which requires a Senior Honor's Project- a research project that will help reflect a summary of my undergraduate years and best work. Brainstorming research topics in correlation to my passions and major, I decided to focus my research topic theme on the three things I care about most: Nature, Art, and Youth. Having a sister 10 years younger than I, and observing generational differences in regards to her increase in technology use and more limited daily interaction to the outdoors helped reinforce my decision. Thus Art Wonder Earth (AWE) was conceived- research that explores modern-day youth's interaction and thoughts towards the outdoors, the creativity nature inspires, and how eco art-inspired project can aid in instilling enthusiasm for the natural world in the younger generations.

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