Earth Body: The Art of Sustainability

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"Earth Body: the Art of Sustainability" is on display March 20 - May 27, 2013 in the Atrium Gallery, 1st Floor, Library Atrium and will run in conjunction with a speaker series on  sustainable living hosted by Cal State Fullerton.

"The books and artworks will be displayed to encourage serendipitous discovery, to stimulate cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary conversations, and to spark imagination in our university and community's quest for sustainability." - Jie Tian

About the Curator

Jie Tian is a librarian at the Pollak Library. Her academic background is in English, American Studies, Library and Information Science, and Creative Writing/Poetry.

About the Exhibit

"Earth Body: The Art of Sustainability," an art exhibit and reading room featuring hundreds of books on sustainability topics — from art and the humanities to science and technology. 

Artworks featured to evoke the theme of sustainability include:

  • Poetry broadsides selected from a twelve-year archive from the Center for Book Arts (New York City), capturing poets' meditations on the natural world;
  • Letterpress books from the Scripps College Press (Claremont, California), honoring the vibrant artistic tradition of fine press printing and bookmaking;
  • Book sculptures by the renowned artist Kitty Maryatt, challenging notions of the book and envisioning forms of reading, forms of knowledge;
  • Book art of CSUF Art faculty Elizabeth Holster and her students who are reviving letterpress printing and bookmaking at Cal State Fullerton;
  • Mystical mixed media artworks of CSUF Art faculty Betsy Lohrer Hall, illuminating beautiful, fragile, tenuous earth body and migration path;
  • Richly textured paintings of Echo Baker, meditating on reading, inspiration, and discovery.

The exhibit will offer an opportunity for visitors to participate in an interactive exercise. As visitors experience the space and artwork, read a poem or a book, they are invited to write down their thoughts and feelings on sustainability, as a haiku poem, a song, a drawing, or other forms. These spontaneous creations will be displayed in the gallery.


With deepest gratitude to:

Faculty Consultant and UMGI proposal co-authors
Dr. Michael Steiner   Dr. John Carroll

Featured Artists
Kitty Maryatt   Elizabeth Holster   Betsy Lohrer Hall   Echo Baker

Research Assistant
Veronica Roach

Exhibit Design Team
Kelly Chidester   Veronica Roach   Ronnica Weaver   Brittany Patterson

CSUF Faculty, Staff, Students
Richard Pollard   Jane Iacovetti   Linda Ford   Mike McGee   Lawrence Yun   Irena Praitis   Scott Hewitt   Donna Rader   Trish Campbell   Dennis Morris   Margie Flores   Lorraine Seelig   Sharon Perry   Heather Tunender   Linda Isaac   Roberta Valentine   Stephanie George   Colleen Greene   Sara Zaidi  Joy Lambert   Debra Winters   Hector Ramirez   Matthew Van Norman   Mimi Ko Cruz   Bob West   Leila Zenderland   Kristine Dennehy   Nancy Fernandez   Tu-Uyen Nguyen   Anthony Davis   Elahe Amani   Susan Shoho Uyemura   Mandy Bruns   Junior Villescas   Harpreet Bath   Adrian Dacanay   Christopher Roberts and many more

Poets and Scholars
Rob Kafka   Robert Brophy   Brenda Hillman   Christopher Buckley
Consuelo Marshall

The Center for Book Arts in New York City
The Scripps College Press
Robinson Jeffers Tor House Foundation
Pacific Rim Haiku Conference 2012
Southern California Haiku Study Group


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