Letting Go

Letting Go, exhibit promo graphic.

"Light" by Courtney Conlon.

 Letting Go is scheduled to run from July 1 through September 30, 2013 in the Atrium Gallery.

 About the Curators

Kristin Beals is an Associate Professor of Psychology at CSUF with Chris Hoff, MA, LMFT

About the Exhibit

This exhibit features the artwork of Courtney Conlon, a graduate student in Counseling at CSUF. The theme that runs throughout her work can be captured by the phrase, "letting go." Conlon's work captures light, innocence, and the world as it is seen before manipulations. Conlon juxtaposes her work with the art of two five-year olds in an effort to anchor her work and diffuse knowledge and expectations.  Conlon's capturing of individual anecdotes is always pointing toward something honest and real.

Conlon is driven by her desire to encourage people to set aside their opinions, expectations and (contrived) thoughts and to step back and appreciate that we all share this same single space. That the sun shines on all of us. And that if we take away the focus from our differences, we can appreciate how much we all share in common. The most important is that we are human and have just this one life on earth to enjoy. The art reminds us not to waste a moment. Feel. Live. Be. 

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