Connecting from Home

Instructions for connecting remotely to the Library's subscription-based resources.

Please note: Subscription-based electronic resources are available only to current CSUF students, faculty & staff.

EZ Proxy Authentication Process

When you access a subscription resource from off campus you will be prompted to authenticate. You will see a login screen that looks like the one below. If you are a valid CSUF student, faculty, or staff enter the same login information as you would use for the campus portal. After you authenticate your browser will be granted a cookie which will provide you access to resources for approximately 4 hours*.

EZ Proxy Login

All other users including Alumni Portal users do not have access to library subscription resources outside of the library building.

* Some items will force authentication even if you have already established credentials or are on campus due to copyright restrictions. Cookie expiration is subject to change at any time and you may be requested to re-authenticate at any time while using library resources.


To use EZ Proxy you must enable your browser to accept cookies.

Recommended Browsers

The Library currently supports:

  • Internet Explorer 7.x
  • Firefox 2.x
  • Safari 3.x

The Pollak Library makes no guarantees for browser operation or security.

While the Library strives to be compatible with the top browsers and with standard settings we are aware that new browsers may become available from time to time. Google Chrome is one such browser that has become available and we are working to ensure compatibility but cannot guarantee it.

Additional Help

If you are unable to authenticate with your campus account or have specific questions about your browser's functionality please call the HELP DESK at extension 7777 (from campus phones) or 657-278-7777 (from off-campus), or e-mail them for assistance at

For general comments, problems with a proxied resource, or non-technical questions about the proxy server, contact us using our online form.