3 Peaks Run for the Pollak Library: A Fundraising Campaign

3 Peaks Run for the Pollak Library

Update 8/03/16: This event raised a total of $16,981, including the $5K match from the Patrons of the Library, exceeding our initial goal of raising $15K. Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed!
Event Day Progress (Tuesday, June 21st, 5:15am): Dr. Hewitt completed the Mount Baldy run, successfully completing all 3 Peaks in a single day! Total Run Time: 21 hours. Total Event Time: 26 hours and 30 minutes.
See: Dr. Hewitt's 3 Peaks Run Status Log, which tracks times throughout the entire day and night.

About the Campaign

On Monday, June 20, 2016 Interim University Librarian Dr. Scott Hewitt will run up the tallest peak in each of the three tallest Southern California mountain ranges to raise funds for a $5,000 matching grant from the Patrons of the Library.

This route covers a total distance of 46.2 miles, with a total vertical gain of 14,920 feet, and will be completed within a single 24-hour period. 

Your donations will have a double impact and will be matched dollar for dollar up to $5,000 by the Patrons of the Library. Additional matching grants are being identified to support a goal of $15,000 or more to benefit Special Collections and to expand opportunities for student assistants in the Library.

Why Give?

Giving button for the 3 Peak Run for the Pollak Library Your generous donations to this fundraising campaign will enhance two key programs at the Pollak Library.

Pollak Library Special Collections

Special Collections are unique one-of-a-kind materials that do not circulate. They must be accessed and viewed in our University Archives & Special Collections reading room. These collections include literary manuscripts, rare books, maps, photographs, letters, ledgers, photos, artifacts, and ephemera. CSUF students, CSUF faculty, and scholars from across the country use Pollak Library's Special Collections for their research projects. 

Because of their rare and often fragile nature, the general cost of acquiring, processing, and preserving Special Collections materials is higher than that for the regular circulating collection.

Enhanced Opportunities for Student Assistants

Students do better in their classes and are more likely to graduate, if they have a job on campus. By staying on campus, students take greater advantage of campus resources. In the Library, we provide training to our student employees not just for their current library jobs, but also to build information literacy skills that can help students in any class assignments that involve doing library research. We also hire student assistants to further develop the specific skills they will use in their careers. For instance, History and English students work in our University Archives and Special Collections, Communications and Graphic Design students work with our marketing librarian, and Art History and Education students work on library exhibits. Learn more about these High Impact Practices in the Library.

Student assistant salaries will be rising each year due to the state minimum wage increases, while the library budget remains essentially the same. We would like to increase these worthwhile opportunities for our students rather than decrease these opportunities.

How to Give

You can help support these key programs by giving today to the 3 Peaks Run for the Pollak Library fundraising campaign!

Use this link (https://giving.fullerton.edu/3PeaksRun) or the Make a Gift Now button below to access our secure online giving system.

Giving button for the 3 Peak Run for the Pollak Library

Please note that when you follow the link or Make a Gift Now button, you get transferred to the campus online giving system, titled Support Cal State Fullerton.

The campus system does not display any reference to the 3 Peaks Run for the Pollak Library giving campaign. What you will see instead is a designation marked "University Library." That designation is correct. Your donation will not go to a general library fund though, because the URL and Make a Gift Now button link include a campaign code that tells the campus online giving system that your donation goes specifically to the 3 Peaks Run for the Pollak Library campaign.

Following is a screenshot of what you can expect to see. The "University Library" designation is marked with an orange arrow.

Cal State Fullerton Give Online system screenshot

About the Route

This route covers a total distance of 46.2 miles, with a total vertical gain of 14,920 feet, and will be completed within a single 24-hour period. 

The 24-hour period includes the drive time between trailheads.

1st Peak: Mount San Jacinto

  • Range: San Jacinto Mountains
  • Route: Deer Springs Trail
  • Distance: 18.4 miles roundtrip
  • Vertical Gain: 5,600 feet
  • Summit Elevation: 10,834 feet

2nd Peak: San Gorgonio

  • Range: San Bernardino Mountains
  • Route: Vivian Creek Trail
  • Distance: 15.6 miles roundtrip
  • Vertical Gain: 5,420 feet
  • Summit Elevation: 11,503 feet

3rd Peak: Mount San Antonio (aka Mount Baldy)

  • Range: San Gabriel Mountains
  • Route: Ski Hut Trail – Devil's Backbone Loop
  • Distance: 12.2 miles roundtrip
  • Vertical Gain: 3,900 feet
  • Summit Elevation: 10,064 feet

About Scott Hewitt

Scott Hewitt is in his second year as the Interim University Librarian at California State University, Fullerton (CSUF). He has been a chemistry professor at CSUF since 1991. His research focuses on atmospheric, archaeological, and green chemistry. Scott chaired the CSUF Academic Senate for two years and directed the Environmental Chemistry program for many years. He continues to be one of the driving forces behind sustainability on the CSUF campus. His passion for the environment originated from hiking and running in the mountains. In his spare time, he enjoys running in the mountains and reading books.

His last ultramarathon race was nine years ago. He has never run a race as challenging as the 3-Peaks Run for the Pollak Library fundraiser that he will attempt on June 20, 2016. He is 53 years old and does his best to not let his many health challenges hold him back.

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