John Hickok

Librarian & Instructor


1995, MLIS, University of California, Los Angeles

2001, M.A.-TESOL, California State University, Los Angeles

Work Bio

Photo of John Hickok teaching

John Hickok, MLIS, MA-TESOL, is a faculty Librarian/Instructor at California State University, Fullerton. In this position since 1997, he teaches Information Literacy classes (library & research skills), and particularly to ESL and international students from around the world.  John holds two masters degrees: Library & Information Science (UCLA, 1995) and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (CSULA, 2001). Because of the diverse cultural populations in California, John's research area is cross-cultural comparisons of library services between other countries (particularly Asia) and the U.S.  John has presented on this topic at library conferences in both the U.S. & Asia, as well as written book chapters, journal articles, and a forthcoming book (2016). He recently concluded chairing the American Library Association's International Relations Roundtable, 2015-16.

Research Areas

Cross-cultural comparison of library services in Asian and U.S. academic libraries

Each year, students from  nearly every country in Asia  study abroad to the U .S.   While there, they encounter   American   libraries and research expectations that might   be different than what they are used to in their own country.   This prompts several questions:  what similarities and   differences are there in library   services  offered in U.S. libraries compared to libraries in   other   countries?    Is library instruction (information literacy instruction) provided in similar ways ?   What innovations have both types of libraries undertaken to better serve their users?
Asia Trip
TRAVEL GRANT: A grant was obtained for the 2005-06 academic year for fieldwork to research these questions. Library   services in  academic libraries-- in both the U.S. and in Asian countries --were observed and chronicled.  Trends, strategies,  differences,   and commonalities   were all investigated.  For the entire year, John lived in Asia, traveling to 15 countries and documenting the conditions of over 500 libraries. Annual follow-up visits have occurred, expanding expanding to South Asia as well. To date, close to 1,000 libraries have been visited.

BOOK PUBLICATION : a book---chronicling the conditions of libraries in Asia (all types: school, public, academic) and the characteristics of library users in Asian countries---is the result of 10 years of fieldwork of visits and observations. Being published in 2016 by publisher Rowman & Littlefield, this book will assist librarians in working with library visitors and users from East, Southeast, & South Asian countries.

Photo logs: Asia library visits

Photo logs of my 2005-6 travel grant, posted by CSUF's news service:
2006    China      Mongolia      Japan/Korea      Taiwan
2005   Indonesia      Philippines/Singapore/Malaysia/Thailand/Myanmar/Laos/Cambodia/Vietnam/Hong Kong/Macau  

Photo of John Hickok at Hong Kong library
Photos of annual follow-up trips:
2013      South Asia
2012      Southeast Asia, Hong Kong
2011      Southeast Asia
2010      Southeast Asia
2009      Southeast Asia

Asia trips in CSUF library news:
2016      Southeast Asia

2014      Southeast Asia

Scholarly Work


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